Testing Capabilities

We conduct rigorous analytical tests on incoming raw materials, in-process materials, and on finished products to ensure that our clients’ products meet the highest quality standards. Our extensive in-house quality control and microbiology laboratories provide the following capabilities:

Chemical & Physical testing capabilities

  • Assays for vitamins and active ingredients, including botanical markers
  • Mineral analysis
  • Probiotic enumeration
  • Protein and amino acid analysis
  • Enzyme analysis
  • Identification
  • Physical testing criteria, including: hardness, thickness, weight variation, friability
  • Disintegration (USP)
  • Dissolution
  • Moisture analysis
  • Metal detection
  • Stability testing – accelerated and real-time

Microbiology & Purity testing capabilities

  • Cleaning validation of product-facing surfaces for contaminants and allergens
  • Microbial limits
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Compressed air, water, and environmental monitoring