• Weighing

    After release by our Quality Control unit, raw materials are weighed in amounts prescribed by a manufacturing master record by trained technicians.

  • Granulation

    Certain ingredients require specialized processing in order to increase their density and facilitate optimal flow. We use advanced technology including high sheer granulators to achieve desired material properties.

  • Blending

    Weighed ingredients are loaded into our blenders to create homogenous blends. Each batch follows a standard operating procedure that dictates specific blending times and machine use. ADH has a numerous blenders to accommodate varying batch sizes and diverse formulas.

    Liquid products have dedicated mixing tanks capable of applying heat in a sophisticated operation.

  • Compression and Encapsulation

    We use gravity feeding technology to efficiently load homogenous blends into tablet press hoppers and encapsulation machines. We have numerous high and medium speed tablet presses and encapsulation machines to accommodate different tablet tooling shapes, capsule sizes, and varying batch sizes. Each machine is housed in its own production room creating a self-contained environment.

  • Coating

    Experienced coaters use fully automated pans to coat tablets and capsules with color, glaze, and modify release patterns.

  • Packaging Solid doses & Powders

    High speed lines are used to fill tablets, capsules, and powders into bottles and containers. As a turnkey shop, we provide nearly any package option, including unit-doses and blister packs.

  • Liquid Filling

    Our liquid filling unit caters to the needs of a range of dietary supplement liquids, including ready-to-drink solutions, syrups, and extracts.

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